Mothers Unite UK

Domestic and child abuse in Family Court


Suitable for small charities with an annual income under £5,000 that don’t own a building or employ people and do not intend to register with the Charity Commission.

1 NAME The charity’s name is Mothers Unite UK


To provide mutual support to mothers who are victims of domestic abuse going through family court proceedings or who are having problems in dealing with contact/residence with the father

To provide self-help for mothers, mainly through our facebook group

To provide advise based on experience

To raise awareness of problems faced by mothers and children when there is/has been abuse from the father

To attend meetings and conferences relating to these issues

To develop counselling and personal emotional support for members

To promote meet ups, activities and retreats for members


The charity shall be managed by a committee of trustees who are appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the charity.


In order to carry out the charitable purposes, the trustees have the power to:

  1. raise funds, receive grants and donations

  1. apply funds to carry out the work of the charity

  1. co-operate with and support other charities with similar purposes

  1. do anything which is lawful and necessary to achieve the purposes


The charity shall have a membership. People who support the work of the charity and are aged 18 or over, can apply to the trustees to become a member. Once accepted by the trustees, membership lasts for 3 years and may be renewed. The trustees will keep an up-to-date membership list.

The trustees may remove a person’s membership if they believe it is in the best interests of the charity. The member has the right to be heard by the trustees before the decision is made and can be accompanied by a friend.


  1. The AGM must be held every year, with 14 days notice given to all members telling

them what is on the agenda. Minutes must be kept of the AGM.

  1. There must be at least 3 members present at the AGM.

  1. Every member has one vote.

  1. The trustees shall present the annual report and accounts.

  1. Any member may stand for election as a trustee.

  1. Members shall elect between 3 and 6 trustees to serve for the next year. They will retire at the next AGM but may stand for re-election.


  1. Trustees must hold at least 2 meetings each year. At their first meeting after the AGM they will elect a chair, treasurer and secretary. Trustees may act by majority decision.

  1. At least 3 trustees must be present at the meeting to be able to take decisions. Minutes shall be kept for every meeting.

  1. If trustees have a conflict of interest they must declare it and leave the meeting while this matter is being discussed or decided.

  1. During the year, the trustees may appoint up to 2 additional trustees. They will stand down at the next AGM.

  1. The trustees may make reasonable additional rules to help run the charity. These rules must not conflict with this constitution or the law.

  2. Roles of Officers

(a) The duties of the Chairperson are to:

• chair meetings of the Committee and the Group

• represent the Group at functions/meetings that the Group has been invited to or delegate another qualified member

• act as spokesperson for the Group when necessary

(b) The duties of the Secretary are to:

• take and keep minutes of meetings

• prepare the agenda for meetings of the Committee and the Group in consultation with

the Chairperson

• maintain the membership list

• deal with correspondence where necessary

(c) The duties of the Treasurer are to:

• supervise the financial affairs of the Group

• keep proper accounts that show all monies collected and paid out by the Group


  1. Money and property must only be used for the charity’s purposes.

  1. Trustees must keep accounts. The most recent annual accounts can be seen by anybody on request.

  1. Trustees cannot receive any money or property from the charity, except to refund reasonable out of pocket expenses.

  1. Bank accounts opened for the group must be in the name of the group

  1. Money must be held in the charity’s bank account.

  2. Trustees shall have the power to obtain, collect and receive money or funds through contributions, donations, grants and any lawful means towards the aims of the Group

  3. The funds belonging to the group shall be applied only to further the aims of the group.


If the Trustees consider it is necessary to change the constitution, or wind up the charity, they must call a General Meeting so that the membership can make the decision. Trustees must also call a General Meeting if they receive a written request from the majority of members. All members must be given 14 days notice and told the reason for the meeting. All decisions require a two thirds majority. Minutes must be kept.

  1. Winding up - any money or property remaining after payment of debts must be given to a charity with similar purposes to this one.

  1. Changes to the Constitution - can be made at AGMs or General Meetings. No change can be made that would make the organisation no longer a charity.

  1. General Meeting - called on written request from a majority of members.

  1. Trustees may also call a General Meeting to consult the membership


This constitution was adopted on 12th November 2018 by the people whose signatures appear below. They are the first members of the charity and will be the trustees until the AGM, which must be held within one year of this date.






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