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Domestic and child abuse in Family Court



Posted by on June 22, 2018 at 4:55 AM

This reviewed was influence by our group which questions the use of PA, shows that it is rare and is infact untested and unscientific and used to continue about as a false allegation in cases of justifiable rejection.

Review of research and case law on parental alienation

Julie Doughty, School of Law and Politics, Nina Maxwell and Tom Slater, School of Social Sciences

Cardiff University

Commissioned by Cafcass Cymru

April 2018

'......have emphasised the need to distinguish

parental alienation from justifiable estrangement due to abuse, violenceor impaired parenting. and where parental alienation claims can be

far more often used in practice to deny real abuse than toactually reduce psychological harm to children'

This review has found the evidence base for parental alienation to be very limited because of a lack of robust empirical studies.There is an absenceof literature about how the concept of alienation is understood, assessed and worked with from a practice perspective. The limited empirical evidence suffers from poor sampling, or a focus on specific populations, so cannot easily be generalised.There is a reliance on retrospective accounts, which do not allow for the controlling of extraneous variables or identification for a causal relationship between adverse outcomes and alienation to be established. Research is needed with a range of different stakeholder groups (including families and children). Another problem is that most of the research has focused on specific geographical locations, primarily the USA, where legal and clinical environments are different to those in Wales. Direct references to research in reported court judgments in England and Wales are very rare." target="_blank">

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