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Domestic and child abuse in Family Court


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Cafcass backtracking on PA?

Posted by on December 6, 2017 at 5:35 PM

Lets hope so because based on a previous report they planned to take more children from mothers who dare to talk about abuse! How can traumatising any child be in their best interest? PA is not very pleasant if its genuine but its not as bad as the abuse so many children are going through now. Family Courts are guilty of terrible crimes towards the vulnerable. We are making some progress in being heard, much more is needed in this archaic, crazy system.

Crackdown on parental alienation could do more harm than good

More recent research (Fortin, Hunt and Scanlon, 2012: Taking a longer view of contact: The perspectives of young adults who experienced parental separation in their youth) suggests that it is a mistake to assume that a child’s reluctance to have contact with the non-resident parent is simply due to brainwashing by the resident parent. Our evidence suggests that even relatively young children may have very clear reasons of their own for resistance to contact.

“It blew up too soon for us” – CAFCASS explain their position on alienation

We must be extremely careful not to categorise a situation as parental alienation when domestic abuse is the cause of justified rejection…( editor-so far they are not being careful!)

Trial By Ordeal

Posted by on November 14, 2017 at 5:40 PM

Trial by ordeal

Before common law was instigated in 1154, people had to prove their innocence through 'trial by ordeal', for example, holding a hot iron and walking a certain distance, to prove they were innocent. This is ofcourse ludicrious.

Mothers are still treated in the same way. If they are victims of DV/DA they have to carry the burden of reliving the abuse, not being believed, being treated like criminals, denigrated by judges and other court professionals, fearing for their children and feeling helpless to protect them, suffer PTSD AND CPTSD and other health effects through court actions. Vulnerable women and children are made to carry the 'hot irons' of coercive control and suffering, only to find at the end of the journey, they have been 'set up'. It was an impossible task because courts do not take abuse seriously, consider DV/DA a 'relationship problem', assume the theory of PAS which is that talking about abuse is a 'symptom' or 'proof' of lying. In a fact finding it is assumed a fact not found its proof it did not happen, whereas it is just that they were unable to find a fact! The fact that abuse is usually hidden by nature and that there is no evidence, it not taken into account.

Current treatment of domestic and child abuse in family courts is still at the medieval stage.