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Domestic and child abuse in Family Court


Bad psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and other 'expert' witness

Dr Hansel Williamsen
'No diagnosis for me. Just emotional, then lack of insight because I didn't agree with him. He didn't say PAS for me. On the stand he said it though. That my children don't want to be with their Dad because of PAS from me. Even through they told him that their Dad hurts and scares them and has no rules.The man is delusional and ignored facts, lied under oath.'

Dr Peter Misch 
Spent a short time with all parties. Labelled mother as having 'false beliefs' about abuse. Report poorly written. Later he found out he always writes this about mothers and runs workshops on 'how to prove parental alienation syndrome'. Paid in £thousands by father and recommended by his solicitor. Children given to father largely as a result of this.

Dr Lennon Swart
'accused me of lying about DA as ex was "charming" he said I had caused parental alienation and had BPD (tho when questioned on stand, stated BPD is common and everyone at some point has it) he also claimed my anxiety was a result of childhood constipation rather than DA'

Melanie Gill
' 'PAS' expert who works with Karen Woodall. my solicitor said she was the devil and always recommended removal to father if she can link it to PAS and always finds PAS. Says she is an expert specialist witness. Oh mine said my natural, no pain relief, no stitches, 5 hour home birth caused my severe PTSD. They are jokes.'

Dr Gillian Foster CAMHS north Ldn
'Altered her position after grooming/briefing from perpetrator & CAFCASS. Denied services to young child after the same. Treated mum like she was in the custody of dad. Manipulative report concealed key evidence.'

Dr Cleo Van Velsen, 'psychiatrist'
'A real piece of work, high probability a male trans going as female or post op. 'Specialises' in personal fascination with criminal violence and is attracted to it. Works in criminal cases when s/he can, got a woman off for drowning daughter, then accuses normal women of "over-identifying with motherhood". A really confused individual that admires psychopathy channelling pain into victims by own account. On CAFCASS books. Lying report, invented data. Ignored formal complaint.'

Dr Adam Campbell, psychologist
'Weak character utterly hoodwinked by perpetrator and/or groomed by CAFCASS.Weak evaluation. Fudged dv. CAFCASS books'

Peter Marsden-Allen Institute of Family Therapy
 'Troublemaker acts innocent and is anything but. V slippery court witness. Lengthy painful drivel reports. Uses NLP harmfully in reports, meetings & witness box. On CAFCASS books'

Liz Thurston
'OneToCherish, contracting social worker (section 37) accused child of breaching perpetrator human rights for obtaining evidence of abuse. V ignorant & low IQ. In awe of perpetrator. Norfolk. Ignored follow-up correspondence'

Kirsty Lowe
'Claimed I had borderline personality disorder and needed to do CBT. Think my doctor actually complained about her as she never accessed my medical records or spoke to him. He was not happy she diagnosed his patient that he had been seeing every month with regards to a benefit claim for esa, which required a sick note. He told me it wasn't a proper assessment when I'm locked in a room for three hours and interegated about the court bundle. He was not happy as I was also a few months pregnant and had already suffered a miscarriage as I stood in court. He said that psychologists cannot diagnose and I should have been referred to a psychiatrist for that. He then put me through for another assessment with the NHS. And it came back positive with no mental illnesses. New assessment accepted by court'

Karen Woodall
Known to promote herself as a 'parental alienation' expert and runs  money making business out of it. Admits to having children taken from mother for at least 90 days to then be given to father. Sanctioned for malpractice by British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Dr Pam Towers psychologist (Doncaster)
Said dad was late and complained he was hungover at his assessment. Could not give any birthdays, milestones of his children, would not accept his actions were of a violent nature.
Ex’s wife was assessed too, unable to acknowledge her husband has violent outbursts, believes it’s acceptable to smack children that are not her own.
Overall very negative assessment.
Result - her recommendations were to place children with them

Dr Joshua Carritt-Baker

Dr Bourne Psychologist
'Did what the judge wanted'